Tuesday, January 27, 2009

if you don't know, now you know...

instead of listing 25 things about myself that are ultimately/unnecessarily self indulgent and lead me to being increasingly self conscious. i've decided to compose a mix of 23 songs that have perhaps:
A. played a huge role in my life
B. the title or lyrics sum up a feeling or instance that i would never be able to do so in my own words
C. i have a physical reaction (good or bad) to this song when i hear it
D. i will go to my grave loving this song

it's 23 songs b/c i will give two non song details about myself below:

1. certain smells have brought me to tears because of their capacity to remind me of a person or place.
2. music sometimes/always expresses me more than anything else i can think of, hence my snobbery.
3-25. enjoy: http://www.filedropper.com/aljsummedup


cj said...

well I'm excited, hope to get this on the iPod for tommorrow's drive...
how'd you put this together as a file? I've downloaded some of bradford cox's mixes and always thought it would be a cool way to send out some music.

a.l.j. said...

filedropper.com is your one stop file sharing shop. super easy to use---
after you make an 'archive' of your songs on your desktop just upload the archived file to filedropper.com and the site spits out a url to share.

cox makes some spot on mixes for sure.

safe travels pardner!

Anonymous said...

i am playing this for my students right now- of course i had to skip old dirty bastard.... heh.


a.l.j. said...

wow! awesome! can't wait to SEE YOU SUNDAY!

Anonymous said...

wait- you aren't gonna be at the party saturday??? don't lie fool. don't lie.

a.l.j. said...

oh crappa, meant to write SATURDAY!!!