Wednesday, June 24, 2009

clouds roll by

i've been attending more shows in the past month than i have in probably the past year.
this is good.
this is how it used to be, 2-3 shows a week on the regular. steamy, cramped house shows in some
one's kitchen or bedroom. woozy from the heat, sharing nods and glances/ interspersed with smiles and glee.

last night i had the pleasure of seeing silver pines. my knowledge of this band was solely based on one song, and that they hailed from austin.

no pretense on style or coordinating color palate, just simple slowness. my comparisons lean towards mazzy star with a wee bit of beach house, but you can decide for yourself.
with this sanguinly swealtering heat and syrupy steam, it forces me to choose still-quiet-languid songs. bill callahan being another show i've attended recently and a musician that falls into the aforementioned category.

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