Friday, July 27, 2007

woodward way gang

so sick. throat is drier than a pair of my suede riding chaps that have been up in the attic for 5yrs with moth balls--- dry.

my bro is slowly inching in to being apart of this blog-o-rhythm. Here is his first contribution, other than an after thought comment:

I love this video - reminds me of riding around buckhead when I was 11-13 on
my hutch trickstar freestyle bike ...


John R. said...

Holy Crap! That's the best video I've seen since the Ok Go! one with the treadmills!!

Hope you feel better baby!

annie said...

sick?! boo!!! you had better be better by sunday. we gots food to cook and consume.

wish i could watch all these things you've been posting

Heidi said...

who is this?

slow your roll said...

british chick called- bat for lashes