Friday, August 3, 2007

svensk huvudverk

the caveat emptor (for some) at the second job is that the music will be loud, and never soft rock/easy listening. never. still a swede insisted that ace of base be played. 'i saw the sign' he said smirking, followed by empty pun filled threats; 'don't turn around lil one, i could go crazy at any moment!'

okay, sure, let me see if we have some
aquaveet, maybe that will make you happy/shut you up.

at least we agreed the jukebox was lacking abba.

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slick rick said...

yo homey.. i'm not so great with these blog thangs. what is a blog? am i blogging right now by way of contribution? or.. i don't even know what i'm leaving a comment for. this sucks. i'll leave you a better one when the time compels me. i just did this b/c you put a (verbal)gun to my head.

heh, jk. i love you boo. and your blog looks very pretty. like your eyes.