Monday, August 20, 2007

guernica hits the solar plexus

"feeling the human condition..."

on another note--- i discovered that we cook facts and memories far too often. for instance, we always expect to feel better on a birthday than on a general day e.g. monday. when in fact that is not always the case.
assuming is the greatest evil we seem to commit on a daily basis.


Heidi said...

you know you're just making an ass outta you and me. hey, listen, i wanna get some practice log hours done on you, but you have to let me know when your solar plexus feels better, cuz otherwise i'll just mess you up. bonus points if you can locate: the glenohumeral joint, the radiocarpal joint, the humeroulnar joint, the acetabulofemoral joint and the talocrural joint, cuz i just learned that mess.

slow your roll said...

mah neck, mah back, kiss mah...
oh wait wrong set of body parts.

would you be referring to the:
shoulder,hand,elbow,hip, and ankle joints respectively, m'dear?