Saturday, November 10, 2007

¿el wehre es los sujetadores completados?

today i went to an indoor flea market with a canadian, a swiss and a local illinoisan to partake in the world of radical treasures and culture that only a super mercado emporiano could offer.

things i saw:

-pair of ladies underwear that said "welcome to paradise" on the elastic band accompanied with rhinestones spelling out the number 69 emblazoned on the front.
-a belt buckle that doubled as a flask
-a pair of teens (no more than 12 yrs old) playing an intense game of tonsil hockey by the bathrooms
-a t-shirt with the virgin mary lovingly holding the city of chicago in her hands
- a poster with the pope kissing the virgin mary on the hand (mary totally gets around at the flea market)
-a pair of boots made from stingrays

things i bought:

-pina colada flavored halls lozenges
-cherry lip balm
-cell phone cover
-2 bras
= $22

things i ate:
- a few bites of some amazing tres leches cake with gelatinous fruit on top
-one of those corn fried wheels (i don't know the name), but it was damn greasy going down


on another note... i saw this video the other day on someone else's blog and i thought after watching it that i just had to post it here:


annie said...

how'd those bras work out for ya?

don't forget the guy who could work magic on that mexican fit the ball on the stick toy thingy...

Chris said...

i don't get it.
why didn't you buy the panties?