Tuesday, November 20, 2007

my love affair continues

my obsession for mr. schnabel started at a young age. i would pour over art books and magazines looking at his cracked plates scattered over crimson canvases, daydreaming about him in his bathrobe. then, he made a seamless transition to film with basquiat, that i quote on the regular, "i don't like beeeeer" (cuz I really don't). before night falls makes me long for a lazy night in cuba (although it was shot mostly in the caribbean), the cinematography paints a portrait of blown out blues and greens that i've never seen.

the other night we were sitting pretty impatiently through some lack luster trailers i.e. funny games
then suddenly i saw the logo for pathé the french production company, and knew the next trailer would be a treat:


brother said...

having kids, the movie going experience becomes a luxury. this looks like another masterpiece from schnabel. funny story:

when sarah and i first moved to new york, a directing duo named jacobs briere invited us to their home in montauk for the weekend.

we went to 'ditch plain' which is a surfing beach. the 'memory motel' made famous by the rolling stones song is there.

i went surfing for the first time with the help from alain briere. super nice guy.

after paddling around for a bit, i went to shore, and decided i'm more suited to watching surfers.

one guy, sans wetsuit, awkward stance - goofy foot - was ripping up the waves. slightly rotund, very cool boardshorts with a very unique print. i asked alain if he knew who the guy was.

"that's julian schnabel. he started surfing a year or two ago - he's a complete freak. that's his oldsmobile convertible in the parking lot."

he is truly one of the greats.

brother said...

"hey benny, how long does it take to become famous?"