Wednesday, January 2, 2008

annual telepathe

ill again, and i won't blame it on the cat or the late evenings or the sniffles of sadie and bax. i've decided its my body's meta meta way of cleaning out 2007 via my nose and throat.
i also think nyc infects me every time i visit. it's deep and lingering-- and i shouldn't have waited 3 yrs to contract/visit it either.
its blinding here in chicago, the kind that makes you squint when you open the door, and take in the morning. i need that perspective; far too often have i looked at things with an over analytical-- wideness
ocular view. going to take it all in, but only through an sieve-y eye's worth.

wishing health, happiness and comfort to all this new year.

this is dedicated to the jetblue telephone operators (jolene and dolly) that helped me with my travels this holiday:

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Heidi said...

i love this so so so much.