Saturday, January 19, 2008

bootsy's night out

it was sort of a blur, which i knew it would be.
i ended up playing:

earth wind and fire- shining star

the fatback band- wicki wacky
!!!- intensify
busy signals- plastic girl

there were perhaps 3-4 others, but i honestly don't remember what they were. i was not only doing this for the first time in about 2yrs, but i also was getting newly acquainted with serato. no real train wrecks, but no real beat matching either. all in all a good experience--- and thank sweet baby jesus, reaches was there to hold my hand.
i would like to do it again, preferably with several more hours of practice under my belt.

icosium kafe

i'm looking right at you cheka chouka, you are going to be all mine tonight.


kid extraordinaire said...

Gasp! Fancy crepes! In Chicago! My crepe cravings have grown ravenous since leaving the town where tombs are to be seen and kissed. If you have room, try that Marrakech for me after the Cecka Chouka.

Bootsy, I have full faith the wheels 'o steel were made for paws like yours. Can't wait to hear you spin sometime!

--D.B. (C.S.)

John R said...

Hells yeah!!