Saturday, March 7, 2009

paper crane garland

my first (and perhaps only) visit to a sensory deprivation tank
hockey game
crippling lackadaisical-ness

constant pursuit of equanimity

green tea creme brulee
continual indecision on what to do/where to go for vacation
santa fe
in my ears:

goodie '94




kid extraordinaire said...

Green tea creme brulee?? Where?!

I still can't believe you voluntarily went inside a sensory deprivation tank. I would fuhreak the f*** out.

a.l.j. said...

gurrrrrrl. you haven't heard of the green tea creme brulee at hachi's kitchen???!!! get thee a seat there PRONTO! it's in your hood and the prices are totally reasonable.

i freaked a lil bit in the tank, but once i convinced myself that the loch ness monster wasn't going to gobble up my toes (shush-- we all have fears!)i was able to chillax.

like a falcon said...

San Francisco is a wonderful vacationation. Do it!
XO Sarah

cj said...

how about the quiet town of pittsboro, nc for vaca. sure it's no seattle, but how about some down home barbecue and banjo music...

a.l.j. said...

falcon and cj::i would love to see the mtns., bbqs and banjos, but no can do.

come visit me in chicago!! would love to see yer purdy faces.