Monday, February 11, 2008

trip in the wayback machine



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'naner puddin' from feed.


kid extraordinaire said...

Many comments:

1. The music that plays in the background when Bananaman with conversing with the bad guy in his lair is AWESOME.

2. Does he FART to melt the ice block??

3. Those little teddies bears are all saying, "Holy fuck, let's get the hell away from those scary-ass bananas." They could be puddophiles for all we know.

4. Do you recall the scene in LADY AND THE TRAMP when the wifesky is pregnant, and in the middle of a storm she requests that her husband ("Darling") gets her some chop suey? If that was me, I'd be requesting the BANANA PUDDING FROM FEED!!! Soooo good. I've had it twice now!

5. You know what might ap-peel (please forgive me) to you while in this bananahead mood? A game of Bananagrams! We should squeeze in a round on Mondee!

slow your roll said...

1. I concur with the theme music. The moment I uneartherd that gem of a youtube clip, childhood memories came flooding back. I think that cartoon ran in between episodes of Inspector Gadget.


3. The whole banana's in pajamas phenom. freaks me out- BIG TIME!!

4. Totally! Puddin' and Nutella crepes will need to be delivered every hour on the hour if I ever get knocked up.

5. Never played Bananagrams, but I am a HU-MONGO fan of games. Count me in!!